Training Services

From the initial planning stage to the after action debrief, Tyr Analytics Consulting LLC recognizes the importance of working closely with our customers in the design, execution and adjustment of training programs.  Our clients look to Tyr Analytics Consulting as a trusted partner in providing dynamic solutions to their most specialized training challenges.  Specifications and implementation procedures are available to clients and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Management and Leadership Evaluations
  • Data Acquisition and Evidence Collection
  • Quality Control Observations
  • Instructional Design and Implementation
  • Training Course Scheduling and Overview Support
  • Mentoring/Personnel Development
  • Subject Interview
  • Subject Profiling and Analysis
  • Security & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Tactics and Methods
  • Role Playing Services
  • After-Action Review and Critique
  • Personal Situation Awareness
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Operational Leadership Training


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