Tyr Analytics Consulting holds their client’s confidentiality in the highest regard, and due to the nature of the work done on behalf of these clients we are unable to reveal the details of our involvement with these companies without contractual assurance that the data is held in confidence by any potential employing company or agency.

Tyr Analytics Consulting works with a wide range of government and private clients within the Intelligence Community and beyond.  Our services are easily adaptable to a multitude of specialized training and operational requirements.  We operate with a polished professionalism and excellence in performance which remains unrivaled.  We have maintained a long history of successful operations with many of our clients, who have spread our growing reputation as a reliable and professional security provider throughout the region and community.  As such, we respect our clients’ request to keep details and identities anonymous.

If you would like to know more about our clientele or require references, please contact us. To find out how Tyr Analytics Consulting works to protect your personal information, please review our privacy statement.

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