Tyr Analytics Consulting, LLC was founded in 2005 to accommodate the growing demand for data collection and intelligence analysis training. Tyr Analytics Consulting’s employees are seasoned professionals with skills and experience in operations tactics, intelligence and evidence collection, data analysis, target profiling, and operations leadership. Tyr Analytics Consulting supports training courses offered by government and corporate customers.

As our reputation for superior performance spread throughout the Intelligence Community, Tyr Analytics Consulting restructured our services and streamlined our contracts into order to better serve our clients.  Today, Tyr Analytics Consulting provides clients with personal collaboration and customized training solutions.  We provide businesses and government with the right personnel for some of the most specialized data collection and analysis training programs.  We are committed to the mission at hand and focused on providing the highest rated services to our clients.  Personal collaboration allows us to implement training programs tailored to specific needs.

Our mission is to provide highly adaptable training solutions while maintaining a clear understanding of client needs and expectations. Tyr Analytics Consulting operates under the fundamental principles of its Old Norse god namesake: building security through strength, integrity and perseverance.  By adhering to these core ideals, we have become a trusted partner to numerous federal and private clients.

Through these standards, Tyr Analytics Consulting has successfully imparted invaluable skill sets onto hundreds of active and support personnel. These individuals are now better prepared to think logically, remain motivated, collaborate across departments and accomplish mission objectives through time sensitive and stressful situations.  We are proud of our record of accomplishment and look forward to the opportunity to work with your organization.

Trevor Wallace
Owner, Tyr Analytics Consulting LLC

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